How to Cultivate Nationwide Excitement for Nonprofit Events – ECEO016

Catherine Townsend, President and CEO of Trust for the National Mall

Event CEO

- Linder Global

Catherine Townsend recently came into the position of President and CEO of the Trust for the National Mall. In this episode, Townsend explains how events play a critical role in keeping non-profits alive. She shares her plans for the massive changes in the way the Trust for the National Mall does events, how she cultivates excitement across the nation for local nonprofit events, and how attracting sponsors and donors has changed over the last 20 years.

Topics include:

  • Why conversations around events should be held at the executive level
  • Taking a holistic, longer term approach to fundraising events
  • How social media can play into building buzz around your nonprofit
  • Where to draw inspiration for engaging nonprofit events
  • Value proposition for event sponsors

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