Lincoln Memorial Construction Dedication Ceremony

  • Lincoln Memorial Commission Created - Senate Bill 9449, introduced on December 13, 1910, passed for the creation of the Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial Commission had its first meeting the following year and former U.S. President William H. Taft was chosen as the commission's president. Progress continued at a steady pace and by 1913 Congress had approved of the Commission's choice of design and location.
  • Lincoln Memorial Begins Construction - In 1911, the Lincoln Memorial was designed by architect Henry Bacon and began construction across from the Washington Monument.
  • Lincoln Memorial Construction Dedication Ceremony - On February 12, 1914, a dedication ceremony was conducted and following month the actual construction began on the Memorial.
  • Lincoln Memorial Completed - The Lincoln Memorial was completed in 1922. Construction commission president William H. Taft dedicated the Memorial on May 30, 1922 and presented it to President Warren G. Harding, who accepted it on behalf of the American people.