Volunteer Stories

Why National Mall volunteers give their time

Volunteers play a crucial role in supporting the National Park Service's effrots in making the National Mall the best park in the world. Volunteers take their jobs seriously, and are happy to give back to the community. Each and every volunteer has a different story to share, and we want to help them spread the word.

Ben's Story

"I have been honored to work at some of our nation’s most visited and most hallowed memorials. I've met soldiers who stormed the beaches at Iwo Jima... I have been lucky enough to hear their stories and then re-tell them to the next generation." Read Ben's Story >>

Donna's Story

"I volunteer most often at the Lincoln Memorial. It is fascinating to be there and observe the cross section of the world that comes and goes through those columns.” Read Donna’s story >>

Marcy's Story

"There is not a day that goes by when I am at the WWII Memorial that I cannot believe how lucky I am... All of America's history and culture is within a short walk… it’s amazing!" Read Marcy’s story >>

Randy's Story

"I have the opportunity to be the face of my nation in an area called by some, America’s Front Yard. I take this humbling task seriously whether I am greeting veterans from an Honor Flight, [or] introducing a foreign family to the wonders of the Smithsonian.” Read Randy’s story >>