Partnership Criteria

Join the Trust for the National Mall.

At the Trust, we believe a successful partnership is one that brings added value to each party, including the consumer, and leverages the combined resources to form a mutually-beneficial, long-term partnership. In order to make sure that our corporate partners and supporters feel proud of the cause-related marketing programs and promotions created to support the Trust, it is important to always establish a financial structure that has a baseline minimum commitment and defined time period.  
With all cause marketing programs, we want to ensure that consumers are provided with educational information and a way to contact the Trust and/or NPS for further information. To that end, it is critical to have a focused, coordinated and unified communications strategy. The absence of a clear and transparent call to action or explanation of how customers can participate is a missed opportunity and could potentially confuse the public.
  • The Trust strongly adheres to the Better Business Bureau cause-marketing standards (see below). 
  • With everything we explore, we must always protect the reputation and image of the National Mall.
  • All cause-related marketing programs must be approved in advance and documented in a written understanding between the parties. 
  • The Trust and its supporters do not endorse any products, goods or services and cannot support public policy positions.