Constitution Gardens

An oasis in the nation's capital.

Situated between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, Constitution Gardens is a quiet oasis removed from the bustling capital, with the potential to function as an important social space and a welcome respite on the Mall.

If you visit Constitution Gardens today, you'll find dead fish floating atop stagnant ponds, flooded and cracked sidewalks, and weed-strewn swathes of dirt where lush lawns once grew. What you won't find so easily are restrooms, functioning water fountains, dining options, and other basic visitor amenities. 

Together, we can turn this around. 

Constitution Gardens, the site of our first restoration project, will retain its original purpose as a pastoral setting, but will also offer sustainable space for education and entertainment in all seasons, day and night. See the plan here.

Forty years have gone by since the last significant investment in Constitution Gardens. We have a historic opportunity to finally realize the full potential of the space. The design for Constitution Gardens was built for the American bicentennials. In 1982, a memorial to the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence was added. These additions showed the promise of the site, but plans for more visitor amenities at Constitution Gardens fell victim to budget shortfalls. 

Constitution Gardens is open 24 hours a day, and is located at 1850 Constitution Avenue, NW.